Paul Di Filippo at Locus Online

Paul Di Filippo reviews Eileen Gunn
“Gunn’s wry, droll intelligence and cockeyed storytelling magic shine forth like some kind of quasar beacon from every one of these surprising, irreplaceable stories—two of which have never before seen print. She’s the Polaris of fabulism, a goal to steer by.”

Charlie Jane Anders at

Eileen Gunn’s Strange Thought Experiments Will Unravel your Mind
“Plenty of science fiction and fantasy authors do “thought experiments” ­ but few of them disregard experimental safety protocols with quite as much gleeful abandon as Eileen Gunn.”

Publishers Weekly

Starred review!
“Nebula-winner Gunn combines humor and compassion in 17 short, intricate gems that showcase her many talents. ”

Gary Wolfe at Locus Magazine

Reviewed by Gary Wolfe
“[Gunn’s] relationship to steampunk is somewhat like Emily Dickinson’s relationship to 19th-century lady poets…'”