On the web

Lightspeed Magazine interviews Eileen and Michael Swanwick. “We have a process? We have at least two processes!” “I am the most easy-going and co-operative of men.” (March, 2014)

The Coode Street Podcast 181 – Jonathan Strahan and Gary K. Wolfe chat with Eileen about her questionable practices, her unstable strategies, and the novel she’s supposed to be working on. (March, 2014)

Rachel Swirsky interviews Eileen for the SFWA Bulletin. Thirty years of SFWA and how it’s changed. (February, 2014)

The Coode Street Podcast 54 – Jonathan Strahan and Gary K. Wolfe chat with Eileen, Geoff Ryman, and Ellen Klages about Wiscon, the Tiptree award, the value of short fiction, and whether pigs have wings. (June, 2011)

Locus Roundtable Podcast – Karen Burnham chats with Eileen, Theodora Goss, Cecelia Holland, and Paul Park. Everyone gets a word in (edgewise) about teaching and writing — fiction, non-fiction, and advertising copy. The Secret of Writing is revealed. (April, 2011)

Locus Magazine interviews Eileen – Excerpts from the first Locus interview, way back at the dawn of time. (October, 2004)