Eileen Gunn - photo by Dennis Letbetter

Eileen Gunn

About the author

Eileen Gunn is a writer and editor. Her fiction has received the Nebula award in the United States and the Sense of Gender award in Japan, and has twice been nominated for the Hugo award. Her previous short story collection, Stable Strategies and Others, was nominated for the Philip K. Dick and World Fantasy awards, and short-listed for the James Tiptree, Jr. award. She was the editor/publisher of the edgy and influential Infinite Matrix webzine (2001-2008), and she also edited, with L. Timmel Duchamp, The WisCon Chronicles 2: Provocative essays on feminism, race, revolution, and the future.

Gunn has had an extensive career in high-tech advertising, and knows more about the last fifty years of computer marketing than is considered polite or reasonable. In the mid-1980s, she was Director of Advertising and Sales Promotion at Microsoft Corporation. More recently, she was Director of Marketing at Global Automation in Mountain View. She’s a former managing editor of Gorp, the pioneering outdoor recreation website, and one of her personal websites, the Difference Dictionary, was declared Cool Site of the Day, back when the Internet had so few sites they could prioritize them.

Originally from the Boston area, she has lived in Cambridge, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, and now makes her home in Seattle, with her husband, typographer and book designer John D. Berry. In 2010, Gunn retired from the board of directors of the Clarion West Writers Workshop after twenty-two years of service. She is presently at work on a novel.

Portrait photo by Dennis Letbetter.